The Top 10 Movies of 2008

The year of 2008 didn’t really have many GREAT movies, but there were a lot of good ones. Although, within certain genres, there were some that totally out-shined their counterparts. Here are what we think are the Top 10 Movies of 2008 (in no particular order). The idea of creating this post came when I was surfing the categories of movies in high quality at 123movies.

Batman: The Dark Knight

Even without the passing of Heath Ledger, this movie would have received just as much attention and acclaim that it garnered; it was a stunning masterpiece in itself. This was a great movie for not only those who enjoyed the Batman Comics as children, but for those who never even gave cartoons and superheroes a second thought. It ties together many aspects of the human psyche, as it struggles to explain the differences between good and bad. The action and the acting is superb, as the people chosen to portray the roles were chosen extremely well, but what was most impressive about the movie was (although long) its storyline, which left no loopholes and included an array of twists and turns that were extremely exciting.

Better than Titanic? Probably.


Pixar is known for its heartmelting and cute characters such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, the guys from Monsters inc., and many more. Wall-E is no different, as it brings together the inherent ideal of love that we as humans so desperately try to find. Wall-E is an extremely adorable animated romantic comedy that is funny, cute, and pure.

There really isn’t much to say. It’s simple, but it will strike a chord in anyone’s heart.

Iron Man

Although overshadowed by the release of the Dark Knight shortly after, Iron Man provided a great action movie that portrays the popular superhero extremely well. Robert Downey Jr. was one of the best actors suited for this role, and he did a great job. Everything is as clear cut as you would expect a superhero movie to be like – The characters’ motives are extremely defined, as the good guys are extremely good and the bad guys extremely bad. The visual effects are stunning, ranging from the chase in the sky to the final battle within the city. Don’t be fooled, it’s not just another action movie. Well, maybe it is. But it’s a good one.

Kung Fu Panda

What’s better than a fat, sloppy warrior trying to save a kingdom from an evil villain? A fat, sloppy, Panda trying to save a kingdom from an evil villain. Critics claim that this movie is yet another feel-good movie that teaches all children to “believe in themselves,” something that has been forced into our thick skulls starting from whenever we can remember. Be as it may, the movie teaches the theme in an extremely laughable yet believable manner, bringing together many profound sayings and lessons that most all people would agree with.

This is an action packed cute movie that all will enjoy, whether you’re 8 or 48.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

From the comedic genius of Judd Apatow comes a heartwarming story of a tall “Andre the Giant-esque” beast trying to forget his recent breakup with Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). With personalities such as Paul Rudd, Russell Brand, Mila Kunis, and Jonah Hill making appearances in the movie, this was a film set to spell Breakout Movie for Jason Segal (The tall ugly protagonist).

It’s funny. If you haven’t seen it, see it.

Role Models

Outrageous comedy paired with being a good role model makes for some uncanny yet witty humor. The movie supposedly brings together a theme of being a “big brother” of sorts to the younger generation, something that promotes caring, attention and friendship. The movie does it, but maybe not in the ways you’d expect it to. In a good way.

Indiana Jones 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

For those of us who enjoyed the Indiana Jones movies from the 1980s, this movie was a highly anticipated final chapter to the trilogy (making it a quadrilogy). As always, Harrison Ford brings his witty humor as he takes on the role of the Historian/Superhero mix to defeat the…aliens?

Some say that the movie wasn’t much different from its predecessors, and that it wasn’t really worth the 20 year wait. But some of us don’t want change. We want Indiana Jones to be the same guy, the same guy who, 20 years ago, defeated the Nazis and got the girl (along with the short Asian kid).

And honestly, who doesn’t like Shia LaBeouf?

Definitely, Maybe

Ryan Reynolds has rock hard abs. He also has the type of humor and charm that make women run to him like bees run to honey. This romantic comedy, released in February of 2008, is a cute romantic comedy as it follows Maya as she tries to figure out who her real mother is, and who her father is still in love with. The characters in the movie portray emotions that we all can relate to. And that is a formula for a great movie.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Two teenagers coming together by chance encounter and blossoming into a romantic couple? If this sounds like the type of sweet, romantic comedy that you’d enjoy, then this movie is a must see for you. Even though everyone in the movie theater could probably predict what the whole plot was going to be like down to the very last shot, there was just a great chemistry between the characters on set, something that gets everyone in on the mix, making the film extremely enjoyable.

Michael Cera is funny.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Not a great stand alone movie, but with 2008 slated to be “the year of sequels,” this was a perfect match to the previous movies in the series. It’s just what you would expect from goofy Brendan Fraser as he battles mummies and evil villain Jet Li in his attempt to save the world and defend his family. With cheesy jokes and the all too familiar haircut, it’s as Roger Ebert so eloquently put it, “Dumb Fun.”

There you have it. Some of you may be wondering why Quantum of Solace was not on the list, and that was because it was a horrible movie. In addition to the lackluster acting, “Bond 22” had a hastily tied together plot that doesn’t surprise or incite excitement. Anyway, if you wanted a rant on why Quantum of Solace wasn’t all that great, you would have read another article.

Provenza’s Aristocrats Isn’t as Funny as it Thinks

There’s no way to be sure if The Aristocrats is supposed to be funny. After all, it’s a documentary, traditionally the realm of serious things like the hating of Republicans or the mating habits of cute, wobbly penguins.

What’s certain is that it’s great at being foul, disturbed, and utterly disgusting. It’s all of that and a donkey show, but despite the comedic talent packed into it, The Aristocrats isn’t funny.

“The Aristocrats”, we’re told, is an ancient joke told amongst comedians. It’s a little odd that no one’s heard of it before; most stand-up comics tend towards diarrhea of the mouth. Still, it’s been around and evidently, nearly every comic knows it. What keeps it going is how flexible it is.

Everyone who tells it puts their own unique spin on it, only the setup and the punch-line consistently remain the same.

The basic framework is this: A guy walks into a talent agency and pitches an act. The comedian telling the joke then describes in gruesome, nearly illegal detail, the most vicious, morally bankrupt, twisted things he can imagine. Most of the time the telling of this part of the joke involves creative uses of shit, cum, and other bodily fluids.

Some tellers like to mix in a little incest and bestiality, just to stir the pot. Others throw in everything imaginable, from pedophilia to racism, to cracks about the victims of 9/11. The punch-line of all this is that the act is called “The Aristocrats”. Generally, this is the part where no one laughs.

The big finish doesn’t matter, actually everyone admits that it sucks. The humor of the thing is supposed to come from the constantly changing setup. For his documentary, Director Paul Provenza has filmed dozens and dozens of comedians telling the joke in as many different styles possible. Mixed in with the joke-telling are their thoughts on the joke itself. What does it mean, why do they tell it, what makes it funny, and so on. But basically the film is one joke told over and over and over again.

Therein lies the movie’s problem. The joke stinks. It’s not funny and only becomes even less so after you’ve heard it the first dozen times or so. It’s juvenile at best and plain brain dead at worst. Truth be told, it’s not all that offensive either, except maybe in the way a thirteen-year-old kid thinks of shock and offense.

George Carlin, Pat Cooper, Andy Dick, Tim Conway, Billy Connelly, Richard Lewis, Robin Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, and dozens of other ex-pythons, writers, poorly drawn cartoon characters, and stand-up comics who you’ve never heard of all give their take and not one of them deserves more than a polite courtesy chuckle.

Most of the comics in the film seem to agree that the funniest telling of the joke was the version done by Gilbert Godfried, at a Friars Club Roast of Hugh Heffner three weeks after 9/11. He tells his version, and the audience full of comedians goes wild. Here’s the thing: they aren’t laughing because the joke is funny, they’re laughing because he actually had the balls to tell it. That’s really the truth of the whole imbroglio.

This is a terrible joke beloved only by a certain set of people because they like the shock of it. Comedians love the joke because it’s their own little secret, sort of like a secret handshake handed down from one Stonecutter to another. Held up to the harsh light of reality it’s a total and utter flop.

Yet that doesn’t mean The Aristocrats is an utter failure as a movie. Granted, it’s not very funny, but it is surprisingly interesting. Watching so many talented performers work their creative magic over and over on the same topic is rather compelling.

It’s more exploration into what makes these guys tick, a window into their creative process than a gut-busting documentary comedy. Maybe, just maybe The Aristocrats is looking for something deeper than a thousand ways to tell a shit joke. Maybe in amongst all the Dirty Sanchezes, Donkey Punches, and the tossing of salads Provenza is searching for the soul of comedy itself. Or maybe he just wanted to see if he could get Paul Reiser to say “fuck”. You be the judge.

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Movie Review: We Bought a Zoo

We Bought a Zoo starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson is the tale of a family who bought a zoo and all the problems and frustrations that come with it including the animals. You can find it to watch on 123 Movies new site.

In August of 2006 the Mee family, mother Amelia, and sons Ben and Duncan bought the Dartmoor Wildlife Park and opened the park a year later to fans which is the basis to the films story. A few changes to the main idea of who is behind the purchase and basic facts are changed a bit but the same plot of buying a zoo is still here and a great plot.

Matt Damon plays Benjamin Mee who is struggling to keep his family together after his wife dies and needs a change to bring his family back together. His son is having problems at school but his 7 year old daughter Rosie thinks he’s doing pretty good when asked by Ben one day.

Ben decides they need a drastic change and they start to look for a new home but just cannot find the one that cries out you are home. The last house on the list of the new real estate broker Ben hires is a zoo, the Rosemoor Wildlife Park which is struggling to survive.

Image result for We Bought a Zoo

The park has been closed due to violations by a hard-nosed inspector who is looking at every aspect of the zoo just trying to keep it closed. Ben finds a small group of dedicated keepers who love the animals but he needs to gain their trust and respect to get their wholehearted help to re-open the zoo.

The main struggle that Ben faces is money but when things are getting bad he finds an envelope with his wife’s last gift to him in the form of an investment account. Matt Damon has plenty of great acting help from all the others in the film and the movie rolls along very predictably which is about the only problem here.

The film took a very touching story of the real world wildlife park in England that found a new owner and turned it into a by the numbers film. The entire story is the more predictable family comedy drama that does not take any risks or divergences from the safe plot line.

Video is excellent bordering on perfect with great color, no problems with excessive grain or noise and excellent transfer to digital from the original 35mm filming. Color is great with plenty of vibrant scenery and even with night shots and lower light scenes darks are deep but not a problem at all.

Overall I was pleased with the video and there were no problems I could see at all throughout the feature film and the same can be said for audio as well. Audio was great with the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround soundtrack giving clear voice and well done surround but the lower key film did not add a lot of action to the sound stage.

Audio was clear with great sounding ambiance especially in scenes within the zoo but without much high paced action the surround could not really be emphasized much. There were no real detectable problems throughout the film and with clear voice and well used rear or side speakers when possible the audio turned out very good.

Bonus content tends to be the typical extras that come with Blu-ray movies with audio commentary, a making of feature and a gag reel that is alright. The two features that are well worth a look is the real look at Benjamin Mee and the making of feature that also includes a look into the real story behind the film.

Image result for We Bought a Zoo

Bonus content is pretty good but also pretty typical for films but it is worth watching at least once through and you will enjoy the features about Benjamin Mee, the Dartmoor Zoological Park and the making of the film. We Bought a Zoo on Blu-ray is well worth a purchase and should be added for its look at a great story and the real life adventure that is behind the film.

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Reviewing the Movie “HollywoodLand”

“HollywoodLand” focuses on the supposed suicide of television’s Superman, George Reeves. I have to admit that I was unaware that his death was such a Hollywood scandal at the time. Of course, that might be due to the fact that I was only a child when it happened.
Like millions of little kids, I loved Superman. I’m sure that thousands of little girls, like myself, wanted to be Lois Lane and fly across the sky in the arms of the man of steel. My love affair with the big guy has never died. I’m still an avid fan. I loved Christopher Reeve’s big screen version as well as the 2005 remake. Of course, I adored the television series “Lois and Clark.” But my heart will likely always belong to the original Superman – – George Reeves.

Although his Superman role brought the would-be star great acclaim, it also might have been responsible for doom on his career. He was never able to get serious acting parts after his television series was cancelled. Attempts to start his own production company also failed, which according to this film might not have been a mere coincidence.

“HollywoodLand” explores Reeves’s (played by Ben Affleck) life, his unique relationship with the wife of the head of MGM studios, and his tragic death. It is viewed from the perspective of a young private investigator named Louis Simo (played by Adrien Brody).

The detective takes the murder investigation on sort of a whim, when his other work fails to bring in much cash. He is told by a former colleague that Reeves’s mother is seeking assistance to prove her son did not commit suicide. Simo jumps at the chance to work the case, thinking it could bring him some publicity, which might in turn lead to more work.

At first, Simo tweaks the press in an effort to get his picture in the paper. He insinuates that Reeves’s death was not a suicide. He claims that the police, for reasons unknown, are hiding clues that just don’t add up. However, as he proceeds with his investigation, he realizes that he may have actually hit the nail on the head.

Eventually, Simo attracts the ire of mob-connected film mogul Eddie Mannix (played by Bob Hoskins). Mannix’s wife Toni (played by Diane Lane) is the women with whom Reeves’s is said to have had a long time affair. It would appear that Mannix, who knew about the affair, took offense when Reeves broke his wife’s heart, dumping her for his would-be fiancée, Lenore Lemmon (played by Robin Tunney).

The film unfolds across two time lines; moving back and forth between Simo’s investigation and Reeves’s life. It draws some interesting parallels between the two men, both of which, it seems cannot recognize the joys of their current lives because of their inflated dreams.

The story ultimately gives the viewers three possible scenarios for Reeves’s death; drawing its own conclusions with regard to which one is most likely. However, it also hints at other possible scenarios that may not have been sufficiently explored.

The casting of this film is unique, yet quite good. Oddly enough, Adrien Brody has no difficulty playing the somewhat seedy P.I. Yet, he manages to bring some much needed depth and believability to the role that keeps it from being the stereotypical movie gumshoe.

Diane Lane is absolutely luminous in the role of Toni Mannix. She seems comfortable playing the role of the older woman and does with such a style, grace, and flare that she almost steals the film.

Bob Hoskins as the unsavory, loud-talking, and potential dangerous MGM head is good, but then he is on very familiar ground.

Ben Affleck is somewhat of a revelation in his role as George Reeves. As a man who has, himself, been hindered by celebrity exposure, he brought a real believability to this part. As the younger Reeve, Affleck showcases what was known of the man’s humor and charm. As the older, defeated Reeve, Affleck displays an appropriate amount of angst and pathos. It is no wonder that he has been nominated for several acting awards for this role.

With his unbelievable attention to detail, first-time film director Allen Coulter manages to create two separate and distinct worlds. First, there is Simo’s seedy, cold, and uncompromising L.A. Second, is the once glamorous bygone era of golden Hollywood. He is definitely a director to watch.

Although the pacing of this film is a bit slow for my taste, the strong performances by a great ensemble cast and the incredible stylish cinema photography make up for any supposed minor shortcomings. I like this movie a great deal. I found it informative as well as entertaining. I think is well worth watching and owning, particularly by avid movie buffs.

I easily give “HollywoodLand” four out of five stars.

“HollywoodLand” is a Miramax in conjunction with Focus Features. It is two hours and seven minutes in length and carries an R rating for violence and some sexual situations.

Where to Stream and Watch your favorite movies online for free

Netflix and Amazon Prime might become a heartbeat for a few these days. However, they’re premium services and do come at a price. In this article we have shared a number of simple websites where you will find full-length movies and watch online without any charge. These sites are fully safe to use and you don’t have to be compelled to pay single penny. So you can watch all the TV shows and free movies.


Go Movies is one more website among the other extraordinary websites. It has the proper assortment of flicks and television shows. Here you’ll be able to access everything without registering yourself or signing-up on the website. GoMovies has a very neat website and interface, making it simple for even a not so outgoing person to go looking for their favorite show or the program. You’ll be able to watch movies and television shows from the UK, USA, India, Spain or China. Everything offered here is totally free and of full-length.


Putlocker will be your decision in case you’re still looking for a free on-line picture streaming site without any requirement of registration. This website permits streaming of television shows and movies and in extremely high video quality across several genres that ensure nobody goes sad with the content that this website hosts.

This website has options of associate automatic interface and permits easy navigation and makes it easier to search out the desired picture or television show in less than a minute. It’s not going to be the easiest. However, it’s a decent website so that you will be happy and satisfied for selecting the right website for watching all the movies and television programs.

Movie Ninja

If you wish to choose an internet site where you’ll watch movies and television shows without ads while not signing up yourself, then Movie Ninja should be your choice or option. The website offers nice viewing expertise because it offers High definition streaming of flicks and TV shows.

It is rated one among the reasonable websites that has options of assortment of titles classified as high rated, by their genres and greatest movies. It’s merely the simplest web site wherever you’ll visit and begin seeing your favorite television shows and movies with no advertisement pop-ups.

How can i watch free movies and tv shows

When people subscribe to cable TV, they end up paying money for channels that they won’t even watch. There is a fixed package and within that package, there are a number of options for various TV shows, including the ones that we are not even interested in watching.This is the reason why there has been a major shift in the viewership from cable TV to online streaming. People prefer using online streaming sites because they have a huge variety to offer and they can pay for whatever they want to watch excluding the things that they are not interested in.

Why free online streaming is required?

Online streaming allows people to select the genre that they want to watch and allows them to access any show or movie at any time, be it live, current or recorded. There are many major sites that are running in the lead by getting the highest viewership. These are Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
However, not everyone wants to pay to stream content online. Sites like Netflix have packages with monthly or annual charges, which sometimes, might be heavy on your budget. To escape from paying, people prefer going for sites that provide free streaming.

Problems with free online streaming

The only disadvantage is that people are careless while trying to find a free site because of a lack of knowledge on how to watch free movies and TV shows. Some of these sites that offer free streaming are illegal. This can create a problem for the user as it can add malware to your computer and also, there is a risk of getting caught by the tracking services who keep a check on people trying to access illegal websites.
Thus, it is important to know how and which websites can be accessed for free streaming. There are sites that are legal, safe and free streaming can be done.

How to stream freely?

These sites provide free streaming with the help of sponsorships with film studios and other companies that are web-based. The content might not be as diverse as other paid streaming sites, the quality is satisfactory and the genre selection option is extremely useful.
Some of them require sign-up, others don’t require any subscription whatsoever. The sites that are legal and owned by major brand names like Sony do really well and their streaming is an amazing experience. Some of the best sites on which free streaming can be done are Crackle, Kanopy, PopcornFlix, and Tubi TV.

Is 123Movies & Putlocker Streaming Site Safe and Legal?

123 Movies and Putlocker these are the pioneer of the streaming service currently. Fresh and easy to use design of the sites makes them very attractive to the users. The usage of these sites is very high currently as there is a mammoth access of internet to the people/users. Currently online digital platforms are vital in people’s life.

The maximum of the consumption is towards TV Shows and Movies rather than watching random channels in TV. Being the sole reason is these site’s on demand nature. But with the increasing access, the sites are at danger on being blocked on certain servers as they have immersed as illegal.
Clicking on a movie and when it plays, it means it is playing from a secure cyber locker which in turn means that there is no harm done to you. But in certain countries it does mean that these sites are promoting piracy. Promotion of piracy is directly or indirectly practiced by everyone in the world. Because if anyone gets content whether it is a movie or a tv show for free, then no one in world would let that opportunity slip out from their grip.
Piracy is illegal but practicing it and not getting caught has been going on since forever now.

In the United States 123 Movies and Putlocker is not legal, as they do not buy the license or rights of the content which they display on their site. Though it has never stopped the traffic on to the site. Irrespective to that 123 Movies and Putlocker do not play the content on their own servers. They use third party servers to play those contents. Variably the content displayed are without any specific license.

As per safety is concerned there are various reasons to be afraid about which are viruses and malwares. And yes, they are relative in this case cause a huge disappointment in these kinds of sites are the disturbances viewers suffer through ads and pop-ups. These ads and pop-ups are carriers of malware and virus. This can be contained by installing antivirus software and pop-up blockers.
Also, there are numerous clone sites which are made solely for spreading the malware and virus. So, viewers do not need to panic if they are visiting the right streaming platform but if they even think that the sit they are visiting is a clone then they should abort visiting the clone sites.

Watch Full HD Movies Online Free

Watching movies can be fun no doubt, but then if there’s the bonus of watching them in HD, why would one opt for the theatres? Given below are some of the sites which let you watch movies online on Full HD – for free!


Putlocker lets you watch movies online for free, and they are all HD – enhancing your overall movie experience. Enjoy some of the latest movies, on any device – for free!



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123movies lets you catch up on movies for free and in HD too. You can find movies of all genres and languages over here and some of the latest ones too! Catch some of the best movies all around the world, from the comforts of home.

This is another site which lets you catch up on movies for free and in HD. You don’t have to download anything, nor do you have to register yourself. Irrespective of genres, this is one site you can always opt for.