How can i watch free movies and tv shows

When people subscribe to cable TV, they end up paying money for channels that they won’t even watch. There is a fixed package and within that package, there are a number of options for various TV shows, including the ones that we are not even interested in watching.This is the reason why there has been a major shift in the viewership from cable TV to online streaming. People prefer using online streaming sites because they have a huge variety to offer and they can pay for whatever they want to watch excluding the things that they are not interested in.

Why free online streaming is required?

Online streaming allows people to select the genre that they want to watch and allows them to access any show or movie at any time, be it live, current or recorded. There are many major sites that are running in the lead by getting the highest viewership. These are Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
However, not everyone wants to pay to stream content online. Sites like Netflix have packages with monthly or annual charges, which sometimes, might be heavy on your budget. To escape from paying, people prefer going for sites that provide free streaming.

Problems with free online streaming

The only disadvantage is that people are careless while trying to find a free site because of a lack of knowledge on how to watch free movies and TV shows. Some of these sites that offer free streaming are illegal. This can create a problem for the user as it can add malware to your computer and also, there is a risk of getting caught by the tracking services who keep a check on people trying to access illegal websites.
Thus, it is important to know how and which websites can be accessed for free streaming. There are sites that are legal, safe and free streaming can be done.

How to stream freely?

These sites provide free streaming with the help of sponsorships with film studios and other companies that are web-based. The content might not be as diverse as other paid streaming sites, the quality is satisfactory and the genre selection option is extremely useful.
Some of them require sign-up, others don’t require any subscription whatsoever. The sites that are legal and owned by major brand names like Sony do really well and their streaming is an amazing experience. Some of the best sites on which free streaming can be done are Crackle, Kanopy, PopcornFlix, and Tubi TV.