Is 123Movies & Putlocker Streaming Site Safe and Legal?

123 Movies and Putlocker these are the pioneer of the streaming service currently. Fresh and easy to use design of the sites makes them very attractive to the users. The usage of these sites is very high currently as there is a mammoth access of internet to the people/users. Currently online digital platforms are vital in people’s life.

The maximum of the consumption is towards TV Shows and Movies rather than watching random channels in TV. Being the sole reason is these site’s on demand nature. But with the increasing access, the sites are at danger on being blocked on certain servers as they have immersed as illegal.
Clicking on a movie and when it plays, it means it is playing from a secure cyber locker which in turn means that there is no harm done to you. But in certain countries it does mean that these sites are promoting piracy. Promotion of piracy is directly or indirectly practiced by everyone in the world. Because if anyone gets content whether it is a movie or a tv show for free, then no one in world would let that opportunity slip out from their grip.
Piracy is illegal but practicing it and not getting caught has been going on since forever now.

In the United States 123 Movies and Putlocker is not legal, as they do not buy the license or rights of the content which they display on their site. Though it has never stopped the traffic on to the site. Irrespective to that 123 Movies and Putlocker do not play the content on their own servers. They use third party servers to play those contents. Variably the content displayed are without any specific license.

As per safety is concerned there are various reasons to be afraid about which are viruses and malwares. And yes, they are relative in this case cause a huge disappointment in these kinds of sites are the disturbances viewers suffer through ads and pop-ups. These ads and pop-ups are carriers of malware and virus. This can be contained by installing antivirus software and pop-up blockers.
Also, there are numerous clone sites which are made solely for spreading the malware and virus. So, viewers do not need to panic if they are visiting the right streaming platform but if they even think that the sit they are visiting is a clone then they should abort visiting the clone sites.